In its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the chef, Dominique Nouvian and his sous-chef, David Castoldi, make you culinary proposals around the bistronomy, they work only fresh, seasonal produce, processed on site! Here everything is homemade; the bases of sauce, the bottoms, the aroma but also the sherbets, the chocolates, etc.

The pastry chef, meanwhile, is a creative at the forefront of new trends and pastry techniques.
His strong point? Desserts often revisited to dressage surprising! (For any order of a birthday cake, anticipate 48 hours before the lunch or the dinner)

At SenSais, nothing is left to chance, highlight the seafood without ever denaturing requires perfect control of the different cooking that our chefs take pleasure in making you discover.
Let yourself be surprised by the Royal Bouillabaisse in net ... an essential southern dish!

Through their sun-drenched cuisine, both traditional and modern, our two chefs share a passion for their craft that they enjoy sharing with customers.

Côtes dagneau au thym

>> CARTE & MENU <<


To satisfy you, the restaurant offers its SenSais Lunch formulas, served in 45 minutes, once your order has been placed.

1 Main course + 1 drink 18 €
1 Starter + 1 main course + 1 drink 26 €
1 Main course + 1 dessert + 1 drink 26 €


>> SenSais Lunch <<

For "Mets, Vins et Champagnes", a wide choice of wines by the glass and champagne glasses is offered.

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Our cocktails list created by our barman for a moment of relax in our bar lounge.

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